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Jason Brian Fox

The imaginative shapes and vivid colors that define Jason Brian Fox’s paintings are the result of a lifetime spent taking refuge in art.  His work has been exhibited up and down the East Coast and attracted attention from collectors and aficionados around the world.  If there is a unifying theme in his work, that theme is healing; using art to take shelter from the traumas of the modern world.


Jason was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in December 1973.  He spent most of his youth in Edison, NJ, where he showed a keen interest in the arts as a high school student.  After graduating, he enlisted in the United States Air Force.  He was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm and was decorated for his service.  However, he would face many of the challenges that many veterans have when returning home from war.


Art would prove to be a pivotal part of Jason’s return to normalcy.  Seeking an outlet for his emotions, he enrolled at the Art Students League in New York City.  He dabbled in several mediums before deciding to focus on watercolor painting and before long, he began to develop the abstract style that he is known for today.


In addition to his painting, Jason is a prolific musician.  He has toured the country many times and released several albums.  It is easy to see the connection between his art and music.  Many of his paintings are named after the songs he listened to during their composition.  And just like a great song, his paintings bring disparate elements together to create something unique, harmonious, and moving.


Because of the unusual life he has led, Jason is a man with many stories to tell.  His paintings express the subconscious part of those stories, the part that cannot be explained in words.  Evocative and thought-provoking, these images represent an individual coming to terms with his own existence.

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